sean cheesman

emperor; Dance god; fabulous; disco diva; Tia obsessed

All hail the mighty Sean Cheesman, there doesn't get more legendary than the work this man has created - just take a glance to the left to get a small glimpse. 

Originally from Trinidad & growing up in Calgary, Canada, Sean trained at Alvin Ailey, NYC.

Internationally renowned, THE Cheesman has worked with some of the world's biggest entertainers: Michael & Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, Prince & Britney Spears. For a hot minute, Sean was even a movie star along side Whitney Houston appearing in the Warner Brothers Film The Bodyguard  as Rachel Marron's Choreographer - he even choreographed the bloomin' movie too. 

He has also written, directed & choreographed large scale musicals in NYC, London's West End, Russia and Japan. In 2016 Sean added additional choreography to Carnegie Hall's production of West Side Story - 50th year Anniversary.  

Sean's creative direction and face has been seen on our TV screens internationally on Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Over the Rainbow' (Canada), SYTYCD (US, UK, Canada) & Dirty Dancing Time of Your Life (Living TV). 

FUN FACTS: Sean's sidekick is a teeny tiny dog called Tia who he takes literally everywhere with him. 

We are total fan girls of Sean & challenge anyone that isn't.