rare; adaptable; firecracker; octopus woman; baby ewok;

As the ultimate movement coach, Kiani will find the weirdest moves to teach randoms on the dance floor. She’s done it for Till Lindemann, from German metal band Rammstein, and she’ll do it for you too.

She is a choreographer, dancer, director, and one-woman circus that brings life to anything she touches. Kiani has choreographed music videos for the likes of artists including Floating Points, Dirty Projectors, Matthew Dear, Kasper Bjørke, Brandt Brauer Frick, including a wealth of collaborations resulting in incredible video productions. An artistic director, with a huge punch, she created KDV Dance Ensemble (her company based in Berlin), "A Study of Solo Improvisation" and Unknown Mortal Orchestra's "First World Problem" - all featured on NOWNESS. Currently, she is on tour with Clark in support of his latest album "Death Peak".

Kiani has managed to bring her art to life seamlessly in a corporate and advertising setting, collaborating with  brands like LEXUS and MERCEDES BENZ. While it doesn’t curb the vision, it certainly adds new and rare crazy to the life of any production. Her solo work has been presented at Serpentine Gallery, Barbican London, and The Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

Just before a night out with some sushi (don’t forget the tempura), this Tina Turner / Anna Teresa de Keersmaker wonder-thing is bound to bring you to new obsessions in movement.

FUN FACT: She dances non-rhythmically in the mornings.