delicate; raw; awkward; goofy; surprising;

This incredible choreographic duo hails from both Texas and New Jersey, where they grew up on an array of influences from Judy Garland to Robert Mapplethorpe and Allen Ginsberg.

Together they formed MADBOOTS DANCE, a mind-blowing provocative queer company which has reached audiences all over the world in their pursuit of creating awareness and deconstructing the issues of male identity and queer culture.

Their work has been described by the New York Times as "emotionally complex and promising", where they have countless reviews for their refreshing, thrilling, straightforward, sexual, athletic, emotionally complex, and unashamed work.

Jonathan and Austin form a duo that are completely unafraid and have long proven to be effective in their pursuits of conveying seamless and impactful messages through their movement.

FUN FACT: Jonathan can eat a whole bag of tortilla chips... isn't that the norm?