restaurant connoisseur; wine connoisseur; party queen; devout feminist; workaholic

Blakey hails from Harrogate, NORTH YORKSHIRE!

She is a Beyonce loving, weird mix of narcissism VS gratitude, self loathing VS love, not to messed with dance demon. Whilst obsessed with Chinese food, her cats Pina & Bear, the combination of chocolate and water, she also finds the time to work with some kick ass music maestros such as Florence and the Machine, Coldplay, Jungle, Jack Garratt, Leanne La Havas, Jessie Ware - you know, just a few of the cool kids. Oh and also few other friends: Gucci, Selfridges, Paul Smith, Very.co.uk, Dazed & Confused, Details Magazine, etc...

Holly created the master piece that is 'Some Greater Class' which was commissioned by Hales Gallery and generously supported by Arts Council England. She has also collaborated with artist such as Hannah Perry for work show at the super hip Boiler Room as well as the Serpentine Gallery.

FUN FACT: She use to dress up in a purple fat suit pushing free chocolate onto kids on the street. LOL.

She rocks our socks off and she will do yours.