gino berti

funny; flexible; loyal; loud; long leg loving; 

While living in a far off land called Toronto, Berti takes his inspiration from a 90 year old woman called Dancing Dot who jumps into splits whilst sipping a cup of tea.  

Before becoming the creative choreographic God that he is, Gino trod the boards as Dance Captain Daddy on 'The Great White Way'  for shows such as Beauty and the Beast & Miss Saigon as well as working with the legend that is Elton John on the world premier of 'Aida'. 

Gino likes to take time with the beauty queens of the world showing them how to work what there mamma gave them on Miss Universe and fluff up the wannabe stars of Canadian Idol. 

When he isn't eating pizza, obsessing over the beach & sunshine or being his sister's birthing partner (true story), he is smashing the sparkle into show business. 

Gino is the genie of dance and you will love him just as much as us.