Ninjaristic; adventurous; loving; dynamic; intuitive; ambitious

Almost a water-born baby, Dolphin would have been a mermaid but her mother tapped out so she could dance with two legs. However, the name Coral would anything but cease such fantasies of a young creative mind.

A student of Debbie Allen since the age of 9, Coral trained with the best of the best including the likes of Jason Samuels Smith, Karen McDonald, Chloe Arnold, Tessandra Chavez and many more distinguished artists of vast variety and technique. Her training runs from Ballet across to West African and even Flamenco.

She identifies as a qualified ninja, most calm when she is hungry, and will never refuse Panda Express. The lack of the franchise in New York left her empty until she soon became a regular at their only two recently-opened locations.

Aside from food, one of her greatest memories is dancing on Madonna’s World Tour, where she travelled the world and wears proudly the achievement of getting her butt smacked by Madge. Had she not become such an acclaimed dancer she might have become a hairstylist, where she tested the idea on giving her severely-tempered Asian boss some dreadlocks while she was working as a barista. 

FUN FACT: She never actually drank the coffee, but she is certainly no fraud about being able to open a Hershey’s Kiss in 1 count.

Coral Dolphin is the embodiment of artistic charisma - and we know you’ll love her like we do!